How to Find Free WordPress Themes 2020

Free WordPress Themes

How to Find Free WordPress Themes 2020. One of the biggest things about WordPress is that you can create a professional website without spending a ton of money. Beyond the price of hosting and a domain name, you can develop a site pretty much for free.

This makes WordPress a very engaging and affordable option for users who require to validate the success of their site before they start spending a ton of money.

However, the WordPress available library is huge, and not every theme is worth installing on your site.

Sometimes, a low-quality theme can close up doing more harm than good, and lead to poor website achievement and even leave you exposed to security uncertainties. Still, you can bypass these risks by training yourself on the steps you can take to gain a high-quality free theme.

Below we fall deep into how you can gain the absolute best free WordPress themes for your requirements, the risks you need to watch out for, and how you can install and start customizing your sparkling new business.

Free vs Premium WordPress Themes: What’s the Difference, and Does It Matter?

The center of this post is on free WordPress themes, but it’s still significant to understand how the premium theme marketplace acts and the main distinctions between free and premium themes.

Free themes are easy to guess. They’re entirely free WordPress themes that you can install on your site and start customizing. Normally, they aren’t as feature-rich as a premium theme, except they can get the job performed if you don’t expect an extensive set of highlights.

Premium themes typically have a more expensive design, and a much wider feature set. You’ll also receive access to a premium assistance team to help walk you over any website problems, and you gain access to premium theme updates.

Free WordPress themes are a fabulous starting place for the majority of website buyers. They’re frequently easier to set up and give you the possibility to experiment with WordPress without placing any money down.

Security Tips: What Are the Dangers Involved With Free WordPress Themes?

Free WordPress Themes

Free WordPress themes are the best way to get begun with WordPress for no cash down. But, not completely all free themes are built equal. Sometimes handling a free theme is more trouble than it’s worth. Here are the most significant risks that come with free WordPress themes:

1. Bad Code

One of the highest downsides to a free theme is the code might not signify high-quality. This indicates your site will be less protected, might not work properly, and it could drop you open to hacking.

Other concerns with bad code involve not being capable to optimize your site for SEO, and it can be difficult to customize. It can also lead to disputes with other WordPress plugins and even the WordPress kernel itself. Problems like these can end up getting your site offline.

2. Absence of Theme Assistance

Lack of a dedicated support crew can be an argument for some website owners. If you fall into an issue with your site and don’t have professional support to rely on, it can be hard to fix your site. Rather, you’ll have to turn to Google and try to troubleshoot the problem yourself.

Ahead dedicated support, there also might be a concern with theme updates. Themes are updated regularly to patch for safety holes, add new highlights, and assure it stays compatible with the WordPress kernel.

Above time, your theme might become outdated and incapable to function with the modern version of WordPress.

3. Waste of Time/Money

If you drive into a bunch of difficulties with your theme like having to adjust things yourself or even rescue from a hack, then you’re agreeing to be spending a lot of time and cash into your site. All of this could have been bypassed by applying for a premium WordPress theme, or a free theme that has more necessary quality standards.

4. Avoid Nulled Themes

Sometimes you’ll notice websites that let you download free versions of a premium theme. You must bypass these sites like the disease. 

It might appear like you’re getting a great deal, but these themes are often contaminated with malware, ads, spammy links, and redirects.

These can generate a ton of harm to your website and even your online notoriety. If something looks like it’s too good to be true, it apparently is.

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